1 / NAME /// The name of the card

2 / TURN /// Who’s turn the card can be played in; Your own, your opponents or both

3 / STRENGTH /// The inherent strength of the card when it comes under direct attack by other Combat cards. This is the number of Hits that must rolled against it to Destroy it

4 / IMAGE /// A image of the item or action the card describes 

5 / PHASE /// Which Phase of play it can be played in; Orders (O) / Deck (D) / Movement (M) / Manoeuvre Combat (MC) / Manoeuvre Exploit (ME) / Assault Combat (AC) / Assault Exploitation (AE)

6 / STATUS /// If the card is Destroy – Play once only. Discard – Played then placed into the discard pile for reuse. Persistent – once played is always in play until countered by your opponent

7 / DATE /// The period that this item, character or ability was used during the war

8 / NATION /// What Nation can use the card. Represented by National flags or insgnia

9 / DESCRIPTION /// The rules the card uses in the game, and what effects it has in units

10 / UNIT/S /// Which troop type can use the card. Only certain troops types can use certain cards, for example only Armoured units can use Hull Mounted MGs

10 / TYPE /// If the card is Support or Independent

The following lists are a summary of all the Combat Cards available to Great Britain, listed in game Phase groups.
There is a full description in the rule book for details on the terminology and layout of the Combat Cards but here is a brief explanation of the terms used below:
DESCRIPTION /// Save one Armour Hit. Card is Persistent until the unit moves, it is then Discarded
PHASE /// (M)
TURN /// Own
UNIT/S /// Infantry / Artillery
TYPE /// Independent
DATE /// 1939 – 1945
STATUS /// Persistent

Below are all the game Phases that make up a single Turn in Sector Commander. Click a Phase to jump to the Combat Cards that can be used during that Phase. Click the Phase to see all the cards you can use;‍‍‍

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